From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Fred. The Adobe Photoshop Freeform Pen Tool basically creates a set of points and a curvy line that connects those points. The best way to start using the Freeform Pen Tool is to draw a very short line with it. This should create two points and a line between them. Hold Ctrl and move the points away from each other. You can then hold Ctrl and drag the "arms" of each point around. To turn your line into a selection, right-click on it and click "Make Selection". This connects the first and last points, and then makes the area into a selection. Make sure your first and last points are in logical places, as the line it draws between them will be straight, even if it crosses through other lines. This is why, in the 5 Minute Website Tutorial, I recommend moving the first and last points close to each other, so that when a selection is made, it will form a whole shape, which will take in the whole area that you want it to take in. In general - always hold down Ctrl to manipulate a point, or just click on the line to add a point.