Re: thanks

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi J. If you're trying to think of a name for your site, the most important factor is whether you can get an identical domain name (with a .com). If your domain name isn't exactly the same as your site name, people won't know where to find you. If you choose a name, and [thatname].com is taken, you should think of a new name. When I launched this site, I chose the name "Pegasus". Obviously, was taken, so I settled on Everyone remembered the "Pegasus" name and image, but no-one remembered the domain name, so they had to search for my site on a search engine to find it. Just recently, I changed the name of the site to "Pegaweb", to match the domain name. Sure, it's not as meaningful as "Pegasus" but at least everyone knows where to find this site now. A good way to get a name for your website is to combine a "flavour" word - (the name of a plant, animal, or other irrelevant word) with a functional word ("design", "templates", "productions" etc.) This lets people know what your site is about, and also gives your site a distinctive theme. "iguanatemplates" and "pigletdesign" are examples of this naming formula. Have at look at the article at if you'd like some more information and ideas.