Re: Frontpage problem

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi AK. Frontpage naturally puts borders around the page. To remove the top and left borders, right-click your page, and click Page Properties, Margins. Specify them both at 0. Getting rid of the right and bottom margins was a problem that bothered me for a long time, until someone posted me this little piece of css code that can be used to remove margins. It seems to work in Internet Explorer and every other brower I've tried.

<style type="text/css"><!--body { margin: 0; padding: 0 } --></style>

Put this css code in your page, just above your <head> tag. As for your rollovers, I've never created a rollover in Imageready. I just use Adobe Photoshop for my work. This can be done by making two different images. In FrontPage, click Format > Dynamic HTML Effects. Insert your picture, and just follow the commands on the little bar that comes up.