Have 3 domains/ Registrar - how to set up a website at a different hosting company -

From: KEN - Houston Texas


Hi, Great site and info! I have a domain registrar and 3 dotcom domains there. Can I have a website set up at hosting company X and anytime any of the domains is invoked - they all reach and show the same website and pages? - I need initially, all domains-calls going to this one website. I need to set up and pay for one website hosting - $30-40 per month (too expensive for an unemployed person with no savings). Does this sound doable? Thanks, Ken. PS: I will try puting your buttons on my website, once we get going. PSS: This site I want to set up initially I want to build a database of willing customers as potential customers. So I need to be able to have a counter(s), Database-bulding file, Database Tables that get filled with the customer names, etc. that I can compile and archive for my business model.