Re: Have 3 domains/ Registrar - how to set up a website at a diff...

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Ken. It's fairly easy to have three domain names leading to one site. You just set one of the names to be domain name for that site, as normal. Then, for the other two, you can use a 301 Redirect to point them to the main domain. It's not something I've done before though. If you're trying get extra visitors by having three domains, it doesn't work any more. It's the oldest trick in the book, and every search engine is aware of it. If the domain names are from sites that already exist, or have been promoted in some way, use 301 redirects. If they've just been set up to try to get extra visitors, just pick the best one and let the others slide, as there's no advantage in keeping them. As far as hosting goes, I use Powweb, which costs $7.77 a month (actually less than that because they give you two months free). This site gets 3,000 visitors per day, and I'm still only about half way to their bandwidth limit. There's no reason at all to be paying $30-40 for hosting. Look for Powweb on my web hosting links page. You don't need a counter. Your host will provide you with detailed visitor statistics. Having a counter isn't a good image for your site. Most very small-time sites have counters. Also, unless you're fluent with database technology, and you're running a really big-time site, there's no reason to connect a database to your website, just to collect people's information. In FrontPage, put in a Form, right-click it, and set it to send the info to your email address. That's what I do. *Rests keyboard fingers* :)