Re: Text with gradient color

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Heather. Nice to hear from you :) Firstly, what you'll need is the font. I have a feeling I used to have that font. It's a "party" font of some sort, if I remember correctly. Find it somewhere, and copy it to your Windows\Fonts directory. In Photoshop, use the Text Tool to write in your text. Then, in the Layers list, hold Ctrl, and click on the Text layer. This will select the shape of the text. Then, choose the Gradient Tool (it may be hidden under the Paint Bucket). Click on the visual representation of the gradient, and put in new "tabs" on the coloured bar. You can change the colour of the tabs very easily. Once you've done this, just drag the Gradient Tool across your selected area, and let go. That's it :)