Re: Problem with Save for Web



hi, thanks for helping and i gonna try explain in english language what i do or what i want to do : for example i make a perfect "screw" in photoshop with a white and black border and i will place 'only' the screw (not his background) on my web page, so i need save the image (screw) like GIF and with transperancy. But if i look on my web-page, the screw-borders are very rough and i find some time pictures on other web-sites and the are very clear without rough borders. I try already much other ways into the "save as GIF screen" but always i have those rough borders. The only way what i can do is draw a litle box around the 'screw' with the same background color as the website background, then my problem is solved but i like to put the screw above (with layer) another text-image and than i can not use the black box around my screw-picture !