trouble with tutorial

From: Jim


Hi Daniel, I'm having trouble with your "Creating a graphical web page header" tutorial. I'm to step 16 where it tells you to put in your header in white text. I've done so and the next step it says to do is, "Ctrl+Click on the gold layer to select it, then hold Alt and drag to cut the top off the selection, then do the same for the bottom, leaving just a band" This part of the instructions is unclear to me - when I hold down the Alt key, I can't drag to cut the top off the selection, nor can I do the same for the bottom part. Consequently, I can't seem to create the band shown in the next step of the tutorial. Is there a particular tool in the toolbar I should have selected in order to complete this step? I've tried experimenting with several different tools in the toolbar but can't seem to find a way to get this step to work. I've uploaded a screen capture of where I'm at in the process in the hopes you'll have a solution to what I'm doing wrong: Thanks *very* much for your help. ~Jim P.S. - Love your website and thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and talents with the rest of us. :0)