This is a really dumb one! :-)

From: Michelle McDowell


Okay, this shows my ignorance about web design terms, but... In your Touch of Class tutorial, you show how to slice the image, save it for the web and then import it to a web page editor. I'm using Go Live. Is that a "web page editor"? (Told ya!) So if I do it this way, instead of flattening the layers, saving everything as individual .jpegs and importing them into Go Live, I basically just design the page with all its graphical elements in Photoshop, slice it, save it for web, import it into Go Live, and add the regular text there? This method doesn't make the page size bigger by saving the background as one or more separate images? Thank you SO much. I'm going to link to your site, and if you have the time, it would be great if you could come take a look at my site when it's done. :-)