Re: Is there an easier way?

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Marcus. Yes, there is definitely an easier way (there are a few actually). I'm not sure what web page editor you're using (if any). I use Microsoft Frontpage, just because it's easy. When you create a new "web" in Frontpage, it keeps all the pages and files connected together, so the links don't break. Regardless of what system you use, your little bits of rollover are still going to be 30+ files. The other option is to use relative URLs. These are URLs without a HTTP in them, they just reference a file based on where the page is. You'll find that if you keep your htm files and your images in the same directory, you can just refer to "picture.jpg" instead of the whole www.whatever.something/images/picture.jpg. By making this kind of path-less "relative" URL, the link will always work, regardless of where the page is actually stored.