From: Charles Kurek


Dear Pegaweb: There are two areas of concern I have with a .psd template I am working with: [1] Member access area consisting of username input box , password input box, and submit button. [2] Search area consisiting of user input box and submit button. The submit button in items [1] and [2] I have no trouble making 'hot' because of url assignment. In the user input boxes though, I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I have tried the following: [a] creating 'no image' background slice for the input boxes. [b] creating 'image' with white background slice for the input boxes. [c] creating css style 'background-image' for the TD tags. [d] repairing drywall in close proximity to the computer. My problem in both cases is adding functionality to both areas in the final template product. I am burnt out on scouring the Web for tutorials that address this particular issue. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance. Best regards, Charles Kurek