Re: Website Design

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi :) You're actually not the first person to say that. This site was designed about a year and a half ago, when I was just a novice. At that point, basically none of my tutorials (except for a few of the "basic" ones, that I try not to look at any more :) had been written, and I was fairly new to Photoshop. The design of this site was a major achievement for me at that point, even though I agree that it looks average now. Pegaweb has undergone some minor touch-ups since then, but nothing major. However, this is about to change. Within a few months, I'll be totally redesigning this site, and when I do, I'll put loads of effort into it, to make sure it's eye-poppingly good :) I have all kinds of ideas, but I now know how to make them look good on the screen. I could definitely redesign my site to look like the 5-minute website tutorial any time, but something muuuuch bigger and better is in the works :) Until then, everyone (including myself) will just have to put up with Pegaweb as it is :)