Odd Color Problem with Photoshop

From: Kyle


Me once again with another question for you. Normally when I fired up Photoshop, a small pop-up would... well, pop up, and inform that something with my "monitor" was out of whack. Photoshop asked me if I wanted to 'ignore' the problem, or just 'proceed' or something like that. Previously I had always clicked 'ignore' and everything was fine. The last time it happened, I clicked 'proceed' to see what would happen. I must have accidently checked the "don't ask me again" box before doing this because I haven't seen that pop-up again. What I found was strange. All the colors in my Photoshop are now a shade of purple and nothing else. Fiddling with some color settings gets a few colors back, but not the millions I'm used to. Do you have any idea of what I messed up and how I might go about rectifying it? I appreciate anything you can do to help me. Sorry I couldn't be more specific, but I didn't think this was worthy of my memory until this problem arose. Thanks.