Re: Screen size screwing things up.....

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Kenny. I'm glad Pegaweb has helped you out. :) Word of mouth has been a big factor in helping Pegaweb grow as much as it has. It's also why I started this forum a few months ago. :) There's no way to make a website look the same on different screen resolutions. Up until a year or two ago, standard practice was to design web sites for any resolution, which meant designing for the smallest resolution, which was 640x480. However, as the number of users with 640 screen resolution has been in steady decline, and is now at a few percent, most people (including myself) these days just forget about 640x480 users, and design for 800x600 resolution screens, which are used by the majority of webbers. See if you can set your screen resolution to 800x600 or more. If you're at 640x480, you probably notice lots of websites with horizontal scrollbars. If you can't set your resolution to 800 or above, it's probably time to get a new monitor. Regardless of all this, start your web page by putting in a 779 pixel wide table, and putting everything else inside that. This way, the site will look just right for the 800x600 people, and the 1024+ people will see the website, smaller, with some blank space, but it will still look normal.