Re: New site! feedback plz!!!:=)

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi azaw. The general design looks quite good. However, there are a few things I'd change. On the first, "jeppers" image - 1: Use Palatino Linotype instead of Times New Roman. Times New Roman is thin in some places, which makes it harder to read, and it doesn't look as good. 2: Remove the watermark. It's almost invisible, and your page is waaay too big (that image is 128k, which will take 30 seconds or more to load on a 56k modem, which most people use.) 3: Don't design your web pages as one big image. This limits the amount of text you can put on them. Try just saving the header. Replace the blue area with a blue table, and replace the footer with a black table. 4: Parts of xd 3d don't show up over the background. The easiest solution would be to give them a white outline (Stroke). Use this on the big R of Reklamehuset too. For the second page, you have all the problems of the first page, plus a few more. You've made everything one big image, but this time it's 250k, which will take so long to download that most users will leave the site instead of waiting. The page is too wide for an 800x600 screen, which most people use. There's no need to make the text into an image. Just use your web editor to put text in. Other than these issues, your site is looking good :) Good luck :)