Re: Problems with templates...

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Kenny. This is a case of bad design on the part of the person who made the template. They've just done the design in Photoshop, and saved it as one big picture, then saved it, and set it as the background of a table. It's about five times easier to make a template this way, than any other way. There is a way to fix it though - you'll need to edit the image in Photoshop. Use the Slice Tool to cut the image up into the three parts you want - the header, menu, and footer. You can then insert these into your web page as normal pictures. You'll also need a thin "sliver" of the menu image, that you can set as a tiled background, so the menu will extend down to meet the footer, regardless of the page's height. A good example of this exact technique is my Antiquity template. Download the free version, and pull it apart in your web editor.