Daniel, Maybe you can help....

From: Kenny
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Daniel, I have a tricky question for you. So far all your help and advice has been GREAT and I continue to tell everyone about this site. But I am a little confused on this next one........We have designed a website from a general template that we had and everything went smoothly, thanks to your help! We thought we had all the sizes and specs worked out and set, however we ran into the following problem. As my friend and I were working on the site (from 2 different computers and sizes) we were setting all the specs. etc. and making sure that our site would look the same on every computer and format. However, when I went to the library and viewed the site from a different computer, which was not alot bigger or anything like that, all the text was messed up, the lines and sentences were all broken up and spaced improperly, as well as the top of the page coming up again all the way at the bottom as I scrolled down the site. I am confused as to what would cause this. Is it the specific computer in the library that caused this? Although, as I went to other business sites, all those sites were fine and looked as they always did on my home computer? So essentially there has to be something wrong with the format of the site we designed that would cause this...Right?