Rotating one of the layers only in Photoshop 6

From: Peter
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Hi! I have problems with adding maps together in Photoshop 6. Starting with first photo or map, adding layers with other map parts, using feather etc. But I need to rotate ONE of the layers, it must be possible, Photoshop 6 can't be that stupid, I hope it is me being stupid for not finding the feature. Rotating one stand-alone picture with rotating canvas works fine, using e.g. the measure tool etc. But when moving the standalone picture into the first picture (layer via copy etc), making that Background and the added picture layer 1 etc, then --How to rotate only one of the layers? The only function I can find is the Image Rotating canvas, but then the entire set of layers including background is rotated. I have tried to making different layers active or not etc, doesn't work. Please help me! regards Peter