Re: Combining slices to create a rollover effect

From: Steven
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This is very simple to do by just making the pic visible and non-visible in the rollover menu. 1. Open the original .psd file in image ready. 2. Add each pic as a layer (drag & drop). 3. Then make them non-visible (by unchecking the little eye in the layer) 4. Make sure your 'rollover' window is up by choosing 'Window' - 'Rollover' on your top menu. Using your page as an example - lets say you want the eagle to appear when your mouse is over the word 'president'... 5. Click and highlight the layer that is 'president' 6. Then in the rollover menu at the very bottom click the arrow (Create layer-based rollover, It will automatically give you the 'overstate') 7. Highlight the 'overstate' in the rollover menu 8. Make the pic you want to show up by making it visible (clicking the eye on that specific layer 9. Save it as an html (File-Save Optimized As) and when you run your mouse over the word president the eagle will show up in the html. I hope this makes sense. Steven