We are looking for a designer

From: [spammer]
Remote Name: [deleted]


Dear desingers, We are looking for a desinger to join our sponsor program, want to work togehter with our other designer. As we are starting company, we pay you in a % of the monthly income. I know it's sound not that atractive in the beginning, but if you look to the futher and then we are talking about 9 monht you will earn far more money then with a monthly payment. We only want designers that are in the for a adventure and not to get a quickbuck. There are no expanses. At the moment we have the following people working with us. - Overal Manager - Three scripters - Traffic manager - Pr and marketing - designer - two support If you want to join the group please contact me at [deleted] . Please include some links to work that you have done in the past.

[By the way, never join this kind of venture, especially when it's promoted by badly-worded spam. If you're doing work, make sure you get paid a fixed amount. Lots of people get sucked in by this type of scheme, only to find themselves earning 25% of nothing.]