Best PhotoShop/Website Creation Books

From: DJ Starr
Date: 05 Mar 2004
Time: 16:26:40
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Hi everyone, I'm fairly competent in PhotoShop, and know some web creation basics, but am looking for an overall step-by-step book/CD/etc. that will take me from the JPEG PhotoShop screen capture state all the way through the optimizing, slicing, importing layers & screen captures, and thoroughly thru the web creation process including uploading and updating websites. I've seen 4 books that look good, but have not seen or read thru any of them. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on any of these books that might cause me to believe that they fit my requirements? Books are: 1. PhotoShop 7/ImageReady Web Hands-on Training by Lynda Weiman, 2. Adobe PhotoShop 7 Web Design w/GoLive6 by Michael, 3. Adobe Web Pack: PhotoShop 7, Livemotion2, GoLive 6 by David Beskeen, or 4. Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 Classroom in a Book. I did recently create a travel album/website using PhotoShop, but took it over to GoLive as screen captures without slicing and added image map hyperlinks there. I realize that there may be more efficient ways to do all this... Please check it out! Thanks for any and all help or advice! Cheers, DJ Starr, Boulder, CO USA