Re: web design in photoshop 7

From: Anita
Date: 07 Mar 2004
Time: 12:21:00
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Hi Connie, Unfortunately it isn't possible to create a website only in photoshop, because it is a program just for graphics. It is great for making menu bars and headers etc. for your website, but to put them together and make a webpage requires coding, manually or by using a program. There are various programs that will do the html coding for you, your best bet is probably Microsoft FrontPage. However, if you don't want to spend money buying it, then I do believe that Microsoft Word and Powerpoint both have facilities for making webpages. You simply work on it as a word document/powerpoint presentation, and then do "File>Save as webpage", and it will generate the webpage and files for you to upload. But I have not myself tried these methods, so I'm afraid I cannot say how simple it is. Hope this helps, and good luck! -Anita :-)