Beautiful re-design!

From: Steve
Date: 08 Mar 2004
Time: 07:13:57
Remote Name:


Hi Daniel, I just thought I would drop you a note to compliment you on the new Pegaweb design. It looks great! Although it was also great looking before, this design has some really neat changes. I noticed the absence of the left border, and although the border was an integral part of the overall design before, this new version really suits the Photoshop tutorial content better. And the subtle shadow effect of the page text area really has depth and visual interest without having a tiling look to it. And best of all, your header retains that famous Pegasus, and it adds the beautiful roses and leaves, and a very dimensional gold Pegaweb all looks great for its' own sake, while it also shows visitors the possibilities of Photoshop! Really, although the last design was super, you did a stunning job with the re-design. Also, Daniel, thanks a lot for one of the very best sites on the web. Pegaweb is always the best source for information, and aesthetically, it is one of the best sites just to look around at! Steve P.S. It also looks nice how you have the sun breaking through the clouds on the right side of the header!