Re: Borders!

From: Daniel Piechnick
Date: 08 Mar 2004
Time: 15:41:57
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Very magnanimous of you Spender :) Regina: maybe try this - set the background of your page to that blue colour, then insert a table, with a width of 100%, and set your wood texture as the background of that table. The margins around the table will remain blue. Also, a few other things I think might help, are: 1-Remove all the animated features from your page. Any kind of animation is usually a bad idea. These animations are also all very different. 2-Create a consistent navigation system. Your blue bar links are good. Maybe make every link a blue link like this, and leave the centre of the page for text. 3-You really don't want a blue border. :) 4-Keep the font consistent throughout he site. 5-Remove the fades between pages. 6-Remove all spaces from your filenames. The appear as %20% in the address bar otherwise. 7-Keep the navigation consistent. The same menu should appear on every page. If you make these changes, I think your site will come out looking much more professional. Good luck :)