Re: Leaves...

From: Daniel Piechnick
Date: 09 Mar 2004
Time: 05:16:39
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Hi Steve. :) An important part about designing graphics for the web is to try to break the rules. the "rules" means all the standard concepts of web design, such as that everything is straight-edged, and nothing overlaps anything else. I'm glad you noticed the leaves overlapping the buttons. :) Because the whole image was created as a block in Photoshop, there was no need to do anything in a linear fashion. Basically, the concept that I work on is "Don't make your web page look like it's a web page." If you can do it, make your website look like a book, or a messy table, or a forest. With even a small amount of thought, the linear, tabulated nature of web design can be overcome, and replaced with something much more organic and interesting.