Re: Authorware there is a way but how?

From: Iuli
Date: 10 Mar 2004
Time: 02:45:29
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If you need a gradient wich changes from the top to bottom (I meen not from the right to left) - make a new document (Photoshop) with the height you need on your page then make a gradient with a gradient tool, then use "single column marquee tool" to select 1px width of your gradient, then crop it (image>crop), then save it for web(file>save for web) here on the top-right you can choose any format/quality for your image, try to choose your preferred PNG, but I recommend you to choose JPEG HIGH, it weights less and has millions of colors, click "save" and select where you want to save it. Ok, now you have a 1px width and with the height as you need gradient to use on your page. Here's the problem - I use dreamweaver to make the html pages. If I need to apply the gradient to a table, (the gradient's height should be the same as the table) I select that table and on it's properties tab there is an option - background>browse - here I select our previosly saved gradient file, and HTML repeat it from the left to right itself till the end of the table (or the cell if you need to apply the gradient to a cell of the table). I think that something like this should be in the software you use. That's it. P.S. excuse my English