Re: Responce to interview transcript

From: Anita
Date: 10 Mar 2004
Time: 14:44:01
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I must say, I agree with both of you, Daniel - that most people would achieve much better websites if they made them simpler and not too gaudy with loadsa animated .gifs, and also don in that its good to learn html and flash etc. Really it depends on the person and the type of website they are making, if it is a personal website and you're fairly bright and have some patience, then learning html, flash, etc. is a great idea. but if you just need a website for commercial purposes or on behalf of some club or institution, then you should really focus on just getting the information across as clearly as you can. And if you don't have much time on your hands, then it is probably a better idea to learn frontpage rather than html. Personally, being the aspiring young 15yr-old that i am, i am eager to learn lots of html and as many programs such as flash / dreamweaver as i can lay my hands on. But i think alot of visitors to pegaweb just want a website as quickly and easily as they can, without spending hours on computers. Which is fair enough.