Adobe Photoshop for PAGE design

From: Ryan Small
Date: 17 Mar 2004
Time: 09:43:16
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The subject of this message highlights an aspect of web design that I would really like to get clarified. Let me start with outlining the things I know: 1) I know that everyone uses Photoshop (or similar) to design the graphics of their site. These graphics are then sliced and then optimized/saved using the "Save for Web" feature. 2) If an entire webpage (image) is designed in Photoshop, it is bad practice to have as your finished product either a HTML page conisting of one big image (with hotspots) or as a collection of nothing but images. The reason that I make a point of mentioning the things that I know is because when I've tried to ask this question other places, these are the answers that I get - BUT, I'm trying to get a "deeper" answer. Now for my question: Is it a command workflow to design the entire PAGE using Photoshop? In other words, you start Photoshop and make a new image the same size as your page. You then proceed to layout not only your main banner and buttons but EVERYTHING including text and additional graphics. Perhaps for the supplemental components (pictures, text areas, etc.) you would just do a rough approximation of what you want (for example, for a picture just a filled area and for the text beside it just a bunch of gibberish). From there this entire page would get sliced and for the non-graphical areas, specify them as "NO SLICE". From there you would take the saved image slices, assemble them in your web editor (I'm using NetOjbect Fusion - not that that really matters in the context of this question) and then layout the rest of the page using pictures, text, etc. Is this an acceptable workflow? Thanks for any help you can provide. Ryan