Re: Adobe Photoshop for PAGE design

From: Daniel Piechnick
Date: 17 Mar 2004
Time: 23:53:49
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Hi Ryan. I do believe what you suggest is indeed an acceptable workflow :) The one thing you've missed is that any good web designer knows how to make their page a variable size. Unless your header suddenly "ends" in an appropriate fashion, you'll need to find a way to make it take up the whole width of the screen (by using a sliver). This also applies when your headed and your footer are connected in some way. If you just design the whole thing as one big image, you'll find that you're limited in the amount of text that you can put in it. As for your other question, yes, I usually create the whole web layout in Photoshop. Because I make them expandable, I don't need to test it out with gibberish text. Take the main poage of this site for instance. The header and footer were designed separately. Any amount of text can go between them. If I had "attached" them to each other in some way (like I did on my Antiquity template), then I would make that attachment expandable. Let me know if you require more info :) (As a piece of advice, I'd recommend starting with discrete headers and footers, with no connections or expandy bits.)