Overcoming a nested table position problem

From: Mark Harris
Date: 21 Mar 2004
Time: 19:28:43
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A few months ago, I posted a question about browser offset. I needed the ability to position a graphical header at the very top left portion of the screen when the page is displayed in a browser. The code shown below, when palced between the <head> tags, corrected this problem. Thank you for your help! It really saved me a lot of headache. <style type="text/css"><!--body { margin: 0; padding: 0 } --></style> Now, I am having a related problem. I need to ability to position my vertical navigation bar to the farmost left and farmost top margin as possible, you must take into consideration the fact that my vertical navigation content is nested within another table and the table it is nested within is positioned beneath the table that contains my graphical header at the top of the page. In short, the problem is that my vertical navigation table is a smidge too far down and smidge too far to the right. I want that table to be smushed up against the farmost as possible for left margin and and the top margin. Is there a code snippet you can share that will help? Thanks Mark