Unwanted space between hoover buttons in FP

From: Larry, Los Angels
Date: 22 Apr 2004
Time: 07:09:22
Remote Name:


Front Page adds a small space between my buttons when I create a menu by inserting the images using the "components>hoover button" method. The images are slcies from ImageReady (PS 5.5). I can't make them go away - but they are only apparent in preview, not in FP. The same images inserted to create a menu as simpe images (no hoover) work fine. Both methods look perfect in FP - the problem only comes up when I "preview" - and only for the hoover button menu. I don't know HTML, but I've played around with the code and do not see anything that could be doing this. I've deleted <br> with no effect, changes hieghts and widths wwhich reduce the sixe of the imgae but do not eleminate the space.