Re: registering with search engines

From: Daniel Piechnick
Date: 01 May 2004
Time: 10:59:38
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Hi Jon. Registering with search engines isn't really very necessary any more. Yahoo and Google both have ways for you to submit your site, but most search engines these days "crawl" the internet. They follow links, and find your site without you ever having to submit it. Just make a good site, and then start getting links from other sites. Search engine rankings are much more complicated. Most search engines rank a site by relevancy, and by "link popularity". This basically means that they rank sites higher if they have more links pointing to them from other sites. If you make a good site, lots of people will link to it. Search engines aren't interested in your welfare. They just want to show the best and most relevant sites when someone searches. In the long term, I can only emphasise the advice that Google freely gives (not sure of the exact words): "Just make a good site, and forget about rankings." This might seem like some very useless information, but it's the best piece of advice I can give you, if you want to be successful. Get cracking, and make a site that people want to visit. :) (Also, don't bother with Meta keyword tags. They don't work any more.)