Photoshop based Website with a Fixed Top Frame and Changing Bottom Frame

From: Marty Wrinn,
Date: 02 May 2004
Time: 20:03:53
Remote Name:


Daniel, I have been working on my personal website and designed everything in Photoshop 7. All my rollovers/slices were done in ImageReady. Basically I am wanting to have the same format as your PegaWeb websites. By this I mean that the top(navigation buttons) stays fixed while the bottom frame changes. How do I do this in Photoshop, even if I view the Photoshop HTML in DreamWeaver, I still cannot figure out how to change the bottom frames. Its just one HTML file but you can see that the basic format is the same as your Pegaweb. In ImageReady, on my rollover slices properties such as on my "Home" or "Biography" button, properties such as "new", "top" and so on show up, but a "main" or "target" frame does not show up. Please help me. Sincerely & Respectully, A Photoshop amateur, Marty Wrinn