My two cents

From: Daniel Piechnick (Webmaster)
Date: 20 May 2004
Time: 11:19:33
Remote Name:


Hi Paul. Your website certainly isn't bad for a first website, and isn't going to turn your visitors away. However, there are a number of ways you could improve the visuall appearance of the site. First, it's always a good principle to never mix two flat colours with each other. Try to mix one colour with black or white. For instance, if your background is blue, make the text white. If you want to put in green text, put it on a white background (though I generally recommend black text.) As such, I'd recommend you change all your blue text to black (just leave the links blue.) Your colours are very bold. Maybe try replacing your blue menu and yellow box with a pale blue and a pale yellow. I'd also recommend you remove the wood background. It's not that bad, but I think it would look better without it. For your header, remove the blurry lady on the chair, and make the background of the header black. Make the text white, Palatino Linotype, and all capitals. Make the first letter of each word slightly larger. Also, remove the "highlighting" thing when you mouse over a link. It's non-standard, and non-standardness = bad (to cut a long story short) :) There are more things I could suggest, but I can do that later. Let me know how it all goes, and I'll pop by for another look :)