Photoshop 7.0 problem using Text Tool...please help!

From: jennifer
Date: 24 May 2004
Time: 00:11:11
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Hi, I am new to using my photoshop to make buttons and text images. I was cruising along making simple text buttons with the tutorial help, when all of a sudden, I CAN'T!!! This is what I do - I open a new image. Layer 1 - Color Background Blue. Layer 2 - I click on T tool (text tool) and put the text box in my image, but I no longer get the big blinking line that lets me enter text. I enlarged the image to 1000% and highlighted the area where the text should be and I see a long narrow shadow of what appears to be text along one pixel length. I have tried to enlarge the text but nothing. They are stuck in the one pixel line going horizontal. Also, the tiny text is along the line of the text box and not along the center where it usually is. I should mention that I used to have inches as my ruler guide and now it shows up as pixels. I have gone everywhere and can't figure out how to change it back to inches. Everywhere I look it says inches. The funny thing is that I will open up a text image that I made earlier today and it edits perfectly fine, the text is in the center and the ruler is in inches. But not any of the new ones I try to make. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you - Jennifer