Re: Image Galleries within Websites

From: Daniel Piechnick (Webmaster)
Date: 31 May 2004
Time: 17:22:41
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Hi Ken. Your artwork is very good. I can see the problem you're having with your image gallery. What I would recommend is that you remove the frame (to cut a long story short, frames are pure evil :). Put in a big table, and arrange your thumbnails in a grid. The key to making this look good is making all your images the same height. Use Photoshop to re-size them. When someone clicks on the thumbnail, it can bring up a pop-up window with the full-size image in it. Maybe put a gold (very saturated orange) border around each one to contrast with the black background. I can see you've used my tutorial to make your site. It has come out very well. Let me know how you go :)