Would anybody want to rent this holiday villa? Why not?

From: Paul
Date: 07 Jun 2004
Time: 07:24:29
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Thank you all for your previous suggestions and comments. I would most welcome any more feedback on my redesigned website - it is my first time at webbuilding and know that I should improve with your help. I haven't changed the Logo as yet, but would like to keep some colour in it. Some other changes have included changing the text to black, removing the bold hover highlighting, changed the wood background for orange, Previous comments include the lack of photos of the outside of the villa and of the swimming pool - these have still not been added yet but will be added to the Homepage soon. I would be particularly grateful for any comments on the following design aspects: 1. The yellow box at the top of the page - do you think I should delete it or keep it? 2. The colour of the 'tables' (eg. on the 'Rental Price' page or 'Villa Availability' pages) 3. Size of the photos on the Homepage and the individual Golf Course pages (are they too small/big) - previously the photos were much smaller as can be seen on the 'Golf In Alicante' page. 4. The position of the photos on the Homepage. Should I 'stagger' them so that the first photo appears near the top-right, then the second photo appears a little bit lower down the page on the left side etc etc, or keep them horizontal to each other? 5. The overall colour scheme - I am coloublind (hehe) but I am trying to create a colourful site, and would like to know if the colours are too bold and whether they mix well together? 6. Do I need an 'About Us' page? 7. The Logo at the top of the page - does it look amateurish? 8. The Menu structure - is it easily navigatable? 9. Any other comments on any other aspect are appreciated. Thank you, Paul