Re: doing up a webpage

From: KWalter
Date: 13 Jun 2004
Time: 22:38:35
Remote Name:


A jpeg image version of your site won't help much when it comes to making the webpage. Open the Photoshop document of your site and use the slice tool to create new rectangular slices for your header area and buttons, and if you have one, for your footer as well. Try to minimize the number of slices by aligning them to one another. Once you have all the slices laid out, go to File > Save for Web... select JPEG method and quality 60, then save and choose "HTML and Images". Photoshop will then generate an html page and save all the component pictures for you. You can then open this html page in any editor for fast and easy revisions, such as centering the table containg the graphics, or adding links to your buttons. If you go to my site and look at the page source, you can see in the comments what sections were created by Photoshop, and what I added later.