Re: Web Design Jobs

From: Daniel Piechnick (Webmaster)
Date: 17 Jun 2004
Time: 11:22:08
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Hi again Kwalter :) You're probably in a bad field to be looking for a job. Every man and his dog are web designers these days. It's very easy to learn web design, and, as such, there are a million zillion "web designers" out there. Sure, many of these people have no talent at all, but there are plenty who do. Because the industry is so tough, companies can demand the earth of potential employees. If you don't have a degree, know all kinds of programming and server-side languages, have years of industry experience, and have an extensive portfolio, you just aren't going to make it. You'd be far better off running your own venture. Doing cheap websites for family and friends is a good way to get experience and contacts.