2 different pictures

From: Slamlord
Date: 20 Jun 2004
Time: 05:10:53
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Hey there, I'm an addicted RtCW player and I want to make my own signatures. I've made some screenshots in RtCW, but now I want them in my signature. BUT, I don't like just 2 or 3 pictures pasted next to eachother without doing anything to them. You can do that with Paint too! So I tried to erase some edges a bit to .. nvm, I'll post a link to a picture I made: groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TwCpAqIXr816k7TAztqelbU1BNABGUOsG!RGOGGXxgyhVWLyQjAiVrZ*zEFdD1fTXJwDH*snEe8rJy5BBJrdc81e7Rtkh4!9nLDqDDCt!!1A*kmEElZ9Yg/Slamlord_ExT_2.jpg?dc=4675477238541007090 The edges with the red lines around them, they're the problem, I want that the pictures (the background pictures, not the text) overflow eachother if you know what I mean... thanks for the help!