Slivers, Roll over buttons, extensions

From: Carlos Cortes
Date: 21 Jun 2004
Time: 08:04:16
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Dan or whoever knows, First of all, Dan the site is perfect. i have learn more take the small tutorials than with the book i have. Thanks for sharing your know how with us!! Ok, now for the question. I did my personal site as an image of the Desert Star Template, Because i wanted to change the colors on it i made it from scratch. Everything came out very good but my questions are in a couple of things on it. First is the image you have in the corner, i wanted to know how you had placed it there, i thought it would be by making a new layer btw the background and the frame or border and then just mod the pic but everytime i do that it disapierse. Second question is with the slivers, i was able to make them but when i tried to apply them so that when i take a look at the page it keeps going down well that does not seem to work either. Last but not least is the roll over buttons. I made the buttons on the main pic in Photoshop but my question is, with those already made like that is there a way for me to create a roll over pic? or whould i have to make a template without the buttons and make the buttons separate from that and after i transfer everything to Dreamweaver add the buttons in?? Well dont know if i was clear enought but pls let me know if you need more detail descriptions. I will be looking the Forum all day long. Thanks Again and Dan you have a real kick ass web page