Using Hover Buttons for hyperlinks in menu bar

From: Dave Cotton
Date: 29 Jul 2004
Time: 01:47:04
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Using Hover Buttons for hyperlinks in menu bar Hi List Iím currently designing a website which I have already published. I have used Xara Webstyle for the sidebar menu, and the hover button facility in FrontPage to place a menu bar below main banner at the top of each page. This views fine through Explorer. However, two people have told me they can not view the top menu bar (done with hover button)? The one person is using AOL browser and the other Tiscali. I obviously need to check this out myself and establish why? 1. Can anyone advise if there could be problems using the hover button to create a menu for hyperlinks and what is the alternative? 2. What advice can you give for checking out site works on other Browsers? Should I be downloading a couple of the most popular alternative browsers and will I experience any conflicts with my existing browser? Thank you for taking the time to view this. Regards Dave C