Adobe PhotoShop 8.0

From: Mr PhotoShop 8.0


Nice site. It has been very helpful. I heard adobe photoshop 8.0 is coming out late in 2003. I've been busy looking for info about it. I've heard it's targeted at people wanting to edit photographs, but it seems to have some cool new features, like "Filter Layers", which are filters that just sit over a layer, so you can change them later. Apparently, adobe photoshop 8.0 will also have "nested layer sets", and the ability to put text on paths. I haven't really used paths in photoshop, but it would be very handy to be able to make nice curved text. If anyone reading this knows anything more about adobe photoshop 8.0, I'd be very interested to know, as I'm looking at buying several copies of it when it comes out. I must say I very much enjoyed your photoshop tutorials. I'm a budding web designer, and I need to sharpen up my graphic design skills. I decided to download some of your tutorials, for some people I know, who have photoshop, but no internet access. When photoshop 8.0 comes out, will you be writing photoshop 8.0 tutorials? Thanks again :) David.