Re: Nice one

From: Daniel Piechnick


Thanks for your message Oliver :) I'm happy to share my Photoshop tutorials with people who come to my website. If I kept all my design information to myself, I could make a reasonable living off web design. However, I'd much rather build up my own website, and try to get as many visitors as possible by providing informative material. I'm a long way off being an e-mogul, but I'll get there :P Feel free to put my tutorials on your site. Just as long as there's a link to Pegasus Web Design Resources on each tutorial page, then that's all that's required. I'd be happy to give some feedback on your website. I've always been happy to provide advice to anyone able to request it in a coherent and reasonable manner :P I don't know any server-side scripting languages, so I've just used a FrontPage Discussion Web Wizard to set up this forum. I actually don't even know HTML, though I can look at it and work out what's going on.