Re: Background for webpage

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Chan. There's no simple answer I can give here. The ideal pixel size for a web page background depends on what the background is - how much it stands out, and what colours it is. I generally don't use backgrounds on web pages, as they tend to obscure the text. Very subtle backgrounds can sometimes be okay though. When using a background, it's very important that people can't see that it's obviously a repeated background. If your background is sand, for example, you could have a very small image size for your background image. If your background is a forest, you'll want a medium background size, like 300 pixels square, so that you can have enough different trees in the image, so that people won't see the same tree repeating. If your background is something singular, like an object or a photograph of someone, you'd only want it to appear once on the whole page. If that's the case, you just don't want to use it as a background at all. Over all, my advice on web page backgrounds would be - A: Don't use a background. B: If you do, make it big enough (or subtle enough) so that people can't see that it's repeating.