Re: Linking to Pegaweb photoshop tutorials

From: Robert


Thanks for the reply and I really appreciate you letting me link up to your site. I was wondering if you would like to become an affilate with for now and then when is relaunched, become one for that site which should bring in more revenue than our sister site. The program is free to join and we give 25% of every sale to all referals that become a sale. The program is cookie based. The info is on our site under affiliates. I also looked at your site ranking on and see that you are ranked about 90,000 which is very good for the short amount of time that you have had the site. 5sec is ranked at 120,000. I was curious if you had any advice for marketing. I assume a lot of your visitors come for the free resources and free templates, and I see that you just ask for a donation to remove the tag line. Do you get a lot of donations? I think the tag line on our designs are too inconspicuos for our users to really care about removing the tag line we get some but the masses don't really seem to care about it. We have great designs at cheap prices..... my question to you is what do you think may be the next step? We are trying out the affiliate program and we have a tool for registering users which allows them to gain access to our free zone. This in turn provides us with a list of emails for all the people that use our free templates. We have used this recently to offer monthly specials and got some response. Just wanted to pick your brain because I was impressed with your site and its traffic. If you feel I am prying to much I understand, but I would appreciate any advice you have for me. Thanks, Robert Platt