Re: Linking to Pegaweb photoshop tutorials

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Robert. I'd join your referral program except that it would compete with my own templates :) I've got my site to where it is now by providing lots of free content. There's an endless slew of sites on the internet that only sell things. People aren't really interested in reading about products. I have lots of pages of information, which all draw visitors from search engines. They don't make money, but by the time people have read my whole site, they're much more likely to buy a template (and they'll usually pay more than the minimum price for it.) My philisophy is - 95% free stuff, 5% stuff for sale. You'll get more visitors (and more links) and sell more than if your site was 100% stuff for sale. Why not write tutorials about how to make sites in Flash, or how to use Flash in general? If I were you, that's the way I'd go. (Still have your templates, but they wouldn't be the focus of the site.)