Re: Linking to Pegaweb photoshop tutorials

From: Robert


Thanks for your professional advice... I realize that we sell the same thing, but just wanted to make the offer for you to make some extra money if for whatever reason your visitors didn't buy your template then possibly you could make some money off a referral to our site. I also realize that free stuff works (that is how 5sec gets all the traffic is from our free zone), but besides resources for building web sites I was trying to figure out what else we could offer. I am surprised that people would pay more than the minimum price for your template.... I don't get why they would pay double or triple the minimum price (except the fact that they appreciate all that your site has to offer and that it's mostly free). It's a very competitive market, I feel our designs are great and should sell for way more than the posted price, but most people are not willing to pay very much (everyone wants something for free or next to nothing). Once again I really appreciate your response and friendly advice.... if we can help you out in any way please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Robert Platt