Re: How to use silver??

From: Samson


I just did this myself. Daniel will probably give you a better answer, but here's my top header using a sliver to fill right on larger resolution screens(not sure if the forum likes html brackets so I swapped in []): [tr] [td colspan=2][img border="0" src="top.gif" width=735 height=132][/td] [td width="100%" background="topslice.gif"][/td] [/tr] Here is a sliver piece going down the side under the menu (the sliver is the background that goes down to the bottom while the menu is the image on top of it): [<td rowspan=2 background="sideslice.gif" valign=top width="183"][img border="0" src="menu.gif" width=183 height=443][/td] Hope that helps. The width/height will be whatever the size of your images are.