Re: How to use silver?? (I am wonderning the same thing)

From: Daniel Piechnick


Hi Jason and Samson. I'm not much of a HTML coder myself - I just use WYSIWYG programs such as FrontPage. However, the answer should be the same. A "sliver" image, as I call it, is a thin slice of an image that repeats itself to full up a whole area, when you don't know how big that area will be. You set your sliver image as the background of a table or cell, and set that table or cell to 100% width. This way, the table always expands to the width of the user's browser, and is fully coloured by your sliver image. Have a careful look at my Piglet Factory tutorial for an example of this - or you can look at to pick apart the code of my header (which uses a sliver.)